Tracy Queen - 2011/24/11 - lost robot - blog selfie
Look, here’s a nude selfie! That got your attention, right?

Oh my god you guys, I don’t don’t what to do… I’m freaking out, it’s Thanksgiving and I still haven’t found Howie-Bot! That’s the name of my robot pet toy thing and he’s still missing and I mean it. It is still missing. And I’m super worried because technically I don’t think it’s legal that I have it in the first place and OH MAN. IF YOU SEE A FLESHY-ROBOT THING the size of a cat running around Brooklyn PLEASE TELL ME OK PLEASE.

Fuh-reaking OUT.


Tracy Queen - yellow divider lineThere are pictures of him and more info about him throughout my website, TracyQueen.com. HELLLLLP.

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