Missing robot toy/pet/thing

Tracy Queen - 2011/11/21 - missing robot

This is going to sound REALLY WEIRD you guys but just bear with me OK? I’ve got this robot toy from… um… Japan, I think. It’s a super-advanced AI piece from one of their like experimental toy labs or whatever they have over there. And it’s, like, missing right now.

I’m putting this on my blog because that toy is super special to me and it’s also really valuable and I don’t want someone to think it’s like… alive or something… which it’s not of course… and steal it or hurt it. I mean, like, damage it, you know? I don’t even know if I could have it repaired if somebody damaged it.

So here’s the thing, if you live in Brooklyn and you see this thing about the size of a small cat running around, and it has mechanical metal legs and what kind of looks like a lump of… um… skin… on top… DON’T HURT IT OK. Try to catch it–it’s trained, I mean programmed–to be docile or whatever. So just catch it and let me know and I’ll come get it ok? TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW.

I don’t have any pictures unfortunately or I’d post them but just… don’t hurt him. I mean it. Don’t hurt it.


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