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Tracy Queen - Blog Post - 2011/03/31

Snyanide asked:

Hello how are you doing beautiful? Wanted to let you know that you are gorgeous and I love how you’re so powerful in all your scenes! Will you do any more gangbangs soon? Ive never seen gangbangs like the ones you do before. You are always running the show!

I answered:

I’m doing great! Thank you for asking, and for the compliments! I’ve been hard at work on some non-porn related things recently, but yes, I’m planning another “floating” scene, as I’ve taken to calling group sex, in the next few months! No specifics set yet, as I’m still deciding how many scene partners I want for the next one. But it’ll be soon! And I’ll be “floating” through it with presence of mine, peace in my soul, and joy in my heart, as I always do!


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