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I’ve been thinking about gangbangs. I think they need a new name. At least, the ones I do need a new name. The word “gangbang” makes you think of gangsters and thugs at best–and I’m done with that part of my life. At worst it makes you think of some poor defenseless woman being mercilessly pounded by a bunch of douchebros and then ejaculated on. Like… I mean, I guess if that’s what you’re into then fine, ok. But to me it sounds kind of gross.

What I like to do is have sex with multiple people at the same time. But not like an orgy, where everyone else is also having sex with each other. (Well, ok, that sounds really fun, too, but I haven’t done that yet, so…) I like to be the center of attention. The leader, the focus, the ringmaster. I love utilizing my body in a focused and yet generous way. I like to make everyone there feel good, and to include everyone, and to be like the badass motherfucker who can handle it all. It makes me feel powerful, and beautiful, and energized.

But the word “gangbang” really doesn’t fit into that mindset. It sounds inherently degrading. I’m not into that. Hm…. Maybe I need a new word entirely. Maybe I should start calling my group scenes “Lovefests.” No, too cheesy. How about “Sex circles”? Nah, too kindergarten.

Man, I don’t know! Any ideas? Let’s rename group sex so it sounds as fun and empowering as it really is!

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